Alexander Nightray
Personal info
Name (Kanji): レオは近いトレイ
Name (Romaji): Alexander Nightray
Epithet: The Hatter of Fear
Age: 15-16
Gender: Male
Height: 170 cm
Affiliation: Nightray family(Member)
  • Student
  • Head hunter
Status: Active
Ability Name:
  • Demios
  • Dormouse
Power Level: 5
Novel: Pandora/New testament


Alexander Nightray and his brother Andrew were abandoned by their parents and sold to a freak show, supposedly because of Alexander's red eye, said to bring misfortune. Together they lived on the street, Andrew would have been better off if he had left Alexander to fend for himself but he never did. One day, Alfred Lainsworth took in the two brothers, letting them become his servants. Alfred let the brothers meet Leana, with whom he spends much time with, and there was an immediate feud between them. Leana had commented about Alexander's eye being a bringer of misfortune and so Andrew, seeing Alexander's discouragement attacked Leana, pulling her hair. Alexander said he hated Leana for making Andrew "make that face" again.

At some unknown point, an unknown hag who had connections to the Lainsworth ordered Andrew to kill anyone who got in their master's way, being the least he could do in return for Alfred taking them in.

Glen Baskerville, Lafred's best friend, was not exactly human, more like a ghost in need of a host. When his most current host started to become insufficient, he took Andrew and was to perform a ceremony that would transfer his own soul into Andrew's body, with Raven being the given chain. Alexander was told the news of Glen's actions by Leana's whilst he was looking for his brother.