Personal info
Name (Kanji): アザゼル
Name (Romaji): Azazeru
Epithet: Lord of all Demons
Age: N/A
Gender: Male
Height: 236 cm
Affiliation: Army of demons (Leader)
  • General
  • Murderer
Status: Active
Ability Name:
  • Manipulation
  • Voodoo
  • Crystals burial
Power Level: 5, Demonic
Novel: Pandora/New testament


One of the first manifestations of Satan, the Christian Devil, in Judaic thought was Azazel, a Horned God of the Hebrews who was associated with darkness and the desert wilderness. It was believed by the Second Temple Era Jews that Azazel was the one who had taught human beings the various arts of civilization, including weaponry, cosmetics, the sciences, the liberal arts and “witchcraft.” It was Azazel, also known as Samael ("Venomous God"), who tempted Adam and Eve with the Fruit of Knowledge in the form of a serpent. He was also the one who inspired the people of Babel to make the technological feat of building their Tower. It was by teaching these various forbidden arts and by inspiring humanity to “reach for the stars” and take control of their environments that Azazel had fallen out of favor with the Abrahamic deity, and it was for teaching human beings these “sinful” activities that Azazel was chained to a rock in the desert wilderness, much like Prometheus was chained to a mountain in Greek mythology. In fact, Azazel is very much like a combination of Prometheus and the Arcadian Pan: a dark and wild Horned God who is also paradoxically a bringer of light and civilization.