It's history is a mystery and how it was formed was unknown. The members of the household are but chains themsleves.

The servants of the Baskerville family are immortal and are chosen by the Abyss itself. The members are either adondoned or left to die by themselves. It appears that the only way to gain and join the Baskerville is to be chosen by the golden light of the Abyss. They are all have supernatural powers as they are able to leap up higher than normal humans and high recovery rate. They are very loyal to the head of the Baskerville family as he is the one who they are to serve for the rest of their lives.

The head of the family himself also have a very secret of choosing the new head. The head of the family must choose a new "vessel" or body for it's soul to live. The soul and and memories are all to be given to the new body. As far as personality goes, onec the soul takes over the body, their consciousness will no longer emerge. The body will become a new chain. The body will be full and saturated with the power of the Abyss that will be like no other. However there is a special trait that a chain made from the body of Glen Baskerville is that it will be attracted to the soul that it's body used to have. Thus making the contractor of the chain the protector of the head. Every 100 years this process must be done and the head of the Baskerville is always called Glen Baskerville.

The Tragdey of Britain was caused by them. Glen Baskerville ordered his servants to kill everyone in the captail in which they obeyed, though they are confused by why and what was the reason for their master to ordered them to do this. Glen was doing this for Lacie thought many are still confused as in why would he do this and what was the true reason for this action. Its revealled that he indented to gain the Will of the Abyss and to use it for his purpose.