Kyle S. Lavely
Personal info
Name (Kanji): カイルのlavely
Name (Romaji): Kairu Su Raberi
Epithet: The music that brought to silence
Age: 15-16
Gender: Male
Height: 168 cm
Affiliation: Nightfall (Member) , Seven Weapons of Gods fury (3rd weapon)
  • Student
  • Vampire hunter
Status: Active
Ability Name: Tune of Silence
Power Level: 5
Novel: Pandora/New testament

The meaning of the name Kyle is 'Strait of water'. The middle initial, S., is pronounced transliteration of the Latin word salvus meaning "sound"


He has red eyes and silver with black hair in the front. He is always holding a book of grimoirs and a large Guitar/Sitar with him. And a badge with a letter L.


Kyle has a silent personality and and sometimes hate to hear any complains. But he love music and drawings that remembers him when he was a kid. He is somtimes clumsy but inside his heart he is cold and ruthless to other as well.


He is a vampire that doesn't drink human blood instead he uses blood tablet. He is a Vampire because he was cursed by the sinclair family 100 years from now. They dont know is that Kyle is one of the Seven weapons of Gods fury that holds the 3rd weapon of jugdement. He is known to be the Head of the lavely family with the help of his butler Walter C. Dornez and his bother Rei S. Lavely.


He uses the sound to stop any movement of his enemy and somtimes givs a destructive sound to the demons and other low-class vampires. He uses the "Book of Simon" as his gourd to deflect any attack that comes towards him and he sometimes summon holy rains all over the area that destroy demons and vampires.


  • Even I felt something evil in my soul I will not surrender my self on my sorrows
  • Even how powerful you become you still have a weakness
  • No one can overcome the one that made us