Lacie Baskerville
Personal info
Name (Kanji): レイム バスカヴィル
Name (Romaji): Reishi Basukaviru
Epithet: Lover of Glen
Age: N/A
Gender: Female
Height: 158 cm
  • Human
  • Chain
Affiliation: Baskerville
  • Glen Baskerville(Lover)
Status: Active
Ability Name: Abyss
Power Level: 0
Novel: Pandora/Lbrovm


She was the first one who ever found Glen back before he was the head of the Baskerville. She was shown smiling to him and humming a tune. She said to him that she loved this tune.

Sometime later Glen became the head of the Baskerville and Lacie became a servant to him. It appears that she, Alfred, and Glen were best of friends. Alfred and Glen worked together to make a pocket watch for her. Glen composed the song while Alfred made the watch. They gave her the watch and she was happy about getting it. She was shown to always hum the tune.

She was then made a sacrifice to the Abyss. Alfred and Glen made a tombstone for her grave by the tree where they would often hang out. Her death was very sad and sorrowful to Glen. After her sacrifice, Glen fell into depression and continued to deteriorate into an unstable state.