Pet of Amaimon, Goblins are low-ranking earth-based demons who possess small animals like mice and moles. As their demonic powers are weak, they are only capable of causing mischief, but on rare occasions, a large-scale goblin with devastating powers emerges from their midst. They usually live in colonies controlled by a king or queen. There are several kinds of Goblins, and the hobgoblin is one of them.


Pet of Leviathan, King of Water. Leapers are demons that Possess frogs. They exist all over the world in various sizes, but they are all carnivores. In Europe, some grow wings, skip across the water, or generate ultrasonic waves. Also, the Leaper is an interesting kind of demon, in that it looks into the eyes of the people around it and reads their emotions. If it picks up any fear, sadness, anger, apprehension or any kind of agitation, then it moves in for the attack. If a person stays calm it will not attack.


Pet of Asmodeus, King of Rot. Naberius is a demon which is made by cobbling together multiple Ghouls for use in fighting against demons. Currently, there are many cases in which they can no longer be kept tame and go wild. For that reason, as well as ethical concerns, making Naberius demons has been forbidden and the technique sealed away. However, Igor Neuhaus still keeps Naberius demons as his familiars. Their spirit wound can be fatal and burn a victim, causing them to suffer from necrosis.


Pet of Abaddon, King of Earth, a Baryon is a type of demon that possesses rocks and similar items. Most of the time they are motionless and make nonsensical sounds. They're harmless, but the longer you hold it, the heavier it becomes. Older and stronger ones may jump on your back and weigh you down.


An anime-only demon who can possess people by using his or her fear. Takes the form of a black crow or hippogriff.


Pet to Beelzebub, Lord of Flies. Demons who possess small insects. They are known to swarm around animals and suck their blood, as well as feed on corpses. Though rare, some chuchi reach gigantic proportions.


Pet of Leviathan, King of Water. A sea demon in the form of a gigantic squid. Known to spew ink, turning the ocean black.


Pet of Belphegor, King of Rot. A demon that mainly appears in countries where it is customary to bury the deceased. It possessed human and animal corpses. Methods of driving them away vary according to the customs and beliefs of the country. Cremation is the most common method in Japan, so most of the ghouls there are animal ghouls. Zombies are a different type of demon.