Nariana Thomson
Personal info
Name (Kanji): ロズウェルの近くに
Name (Romaji): Nariana Somuson
Epithet: The one that changes anything
Age: 15-16
Gender: Male
Height: 169 cm
Affiliation: Nightfall (Leader) , Seven Weapons of Gods fury (6th weapon)
  • Erans Roswell(Brother)
  • Leana Lainsworth(Cousin)
Status: Active
Ability Name:
  • Chains of Everlasting sleep
  • Eyes of Oblivion
  • Box of torment and sorrow
Power Level: 5, Angel-class
Novel: Pandora/New testament

Nariana Thomson is an 18-year-old blonde magician who was born in England yet affiliates to no one and works as a mercenary. Her sorcery name is Basis808, "The one who carry the basis.


She’s known as the "Route Disturb". A top-notch courier in the magical world. This woman’s ability is that she’s able to run and hide, and that she’s able to get away from pursuers even if they find her. More accurately, Oriana is a woman who will do anything to get away from her pursuers. Also, nobody is able to keep track of her actions. Even when they are prepared, she’ll still be able to get away. Oriana Thomson is a magician with many spells at her disposal, and she’ll destroy bridges, create fires, set up many talismans to get her pursuers off her back.

It has been explained that Oriana is extremely talented in tracking people as well, almost as good as she is in loosing track of them. This is due her own prowess in escaping from pursuers; in order to achieve that feat she needs to know the current mind set of who is searching for her as well as being knowledgeable in any magic that might be used to trace a target; in other words in order to accurately lose track of an enemy, she indirectly learnt the necessary skills for pursuing at it's finest.


Oriana is not above using her attractive looks to make others vulnerable and is an escape master able to use a "human wall" formed by a crowd to slip inside. She is shown to have no intention of involving civilians purposely; when she was chased by Nightfall and normal citizens with no link to magic claimed to be her "best friend". She shows regret for hurting Index and stated that she would finish her mission especially if it guaranteed the happiness of others. She is shown to be flirtatious when she teasingly asks Near if he wanted a kiss and is considered a mature, older sister.