The Nightray Dukedom is one of the four noble houses. It has been clearly stated that they are the enemies, opposites, or rivals of the Vessalius Dukedom. The Nightray house is considered "the Dark" due to the rumors of them being in cahoots with the Baskervilles 100 years ago, whereas the Vessalius house is considered "the light" due to being thought of as the heroes of 100 years ago. They also carry the Chain Raven. Not much else is known about this family. Currently, the family is now extinct with all real family members dead.


Eliot NightrayEdit

Stubborn and youngest son of the Nightray Dukedom. Beside Andrew, Eliot was the only remaining Nightray child of true blood. He was revealed to be the HeadHunter and was possessed by the chain of jaberwocky.

Leo NightrayEdit

mysterious and silent. He is one of the messengers of the Nightray family and he is the only brother and member that weilds the swords of Acolnahuacatl and Yacatecuhtli. He was possessed by The chain called the cheshire cat witch he had pure control of it

Andrew NightrayEdit

Adoptive son of the family. He is also the Contractor of the Chain Raven. Is currently servant to Levia and biological brother to Vincent Nightray.

Alexander NightrayEdit

The second adoptive son, biological brother to Gilbert. Has a female servant called Cassasndra and is both contracter to Demios and the Dormouse. Revealed to be the original headhunter. He was possessed by the Mad Hatter.