Rei S. Lavely
Personal info
Name (Kanji): レイのlavely
Name (Romaji): Rei S. Lavely
Epithet: The one that changes anything
Age: 15-16
Gender: Male
Height: 167 cm
Affiliation: Nightfall (Member) , Lavely Family Household
  • Student
  • Sniper
  • Vampire hunter
Status: Active
Ability Name:
  • Bullets of nature
  • Claws of the eclips
  • Guns of the swords
Power Level: 5
Novel: Pandora/New testament

Rei S. Lavely middle initial, S., is pronounced transliteration of the Latin word salvus meaning "sound". And The meaning of Rei is Law or rule. Near is a word that comes to you and Roswell is the new city of mexico in america were the UFO incident become famous. He is the only survivor that live at 1998 when Demons and Vampires attacked his city.


He is tall, Has a large guitar on his back and his eyes are red like black. His hair is a little bit long infront but short between hus eyes.


He is nice to other people and sometimes play with kids. He also likes in making painting and drawing. But when he is ruthless to demons and feinds. he slaughter them using his chains and sometime making them scatter to shreds. He sometimes give mercy to humans but he kills anyone who wants to kill him first.


He was Born in the city of Illusions that was destroyed by vampires and High-class demons. Later when he was a child he was raised by Leana Lanisworth and years came by he has the chains of abyss with himm all the time.


His ability is not like the other humans in the world. He possessed the Chains of Abyss one of the seven weapons of Gods fury and later called the chains of life and death. The chains are divide into 5 chains, the chains of dogding, the holy jail, the holy cross, the chains of sorrows and the chains of judgements.

  1. The chains of dodging helps Near teleport anywere he want and sometimes give him grate speed, agility and combustion.
  2. The chain of holy jail helps Near to stop anything that move in the ground nor the sky.
  3. The chain of holly cross makes Nears wounds disapear and give the dead another chance in living.
  4. The chains of sorrows make his vitims choose wether he will change or not and it also helps Near make illusions into reality.
  5. The chain of jugdement scatters eanywere the world it goes true your heart and ask you to choose his orders. And when He/She disobey his orders they will die without touching there own heart.


  • Even I felt something evil in my soul I will not surrender my self on my sorrows
  • Even how powerful you become you still have a weakness
  • No one can overcome the one that made us