Sanen Mephisto
Personal info
Name (Kanji): マンモン
Name (Romaji): Asumodeusu
Epithet: "No one can serve two masters"
Age: 16-17
Gender: Female
Height: 196 cm


Affiliation: Army of demons(Member),Seven Weapons of hell (4th Weapon)
Status: Alive
Ability Name:
  • Flames of Apollo
  • Demon Wrath spells
Power Level: Demonic
Novel: Pandora/New testament

The third brother of the family. He is the son of the demon Satan and represents the corresponding sin of Wrath.


Sanen takes on the role of the constantly angry class president among the sisters. She is known for giving out rapid-fire scoldings, which makes the other sisters scared of her. Because of this, no one is willing to talk back to her, which means she is surprisingly lonely. She'll sometimes intentionally try to do things that should anger the other sisters, but they never scold her back, which leaves her even more lonely.